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Give your door a service just like your car on a regular basis to make sure it does not let you down when you really need it. 

Sydney Garage Door Service Merlin



Sydney Garage Door Service

Your Garage Door should be serviced every two to three years.

Garage Doors need servicing just like our cars.

• Panel Lift Doors - 2 to 3 years
• Roller Doors - 3 to 4 years
• Tilt-a-Doors - 4 years
• Custom Made and Special Doors every 2 years

Why does it need a service?
There are lots of moving parts and mechanics which all start to wear and fatigue over the many years of operation.

What do GEM do?
We come out, listen to what has
been the trouble. Then we check
out how we want it to be.


• Oil

• Grease

• Silicone

• Right products for each door • Check all moving parts.

• Trouble shoot

• Remote controls

• Batteries



0407 434 244


Sydney Garage Door Service Repair

We repair all kinds of garage doors:


  • Roller doors,

  • Roller shutters

  • sectional doors

  • panel lift doors,

  • automatic sliding gates,

  • swing gates

  • main entry doors on apartment blocks 


You may be wondering how to fix a noisy garage door? Or how to repair a garage door? We can repair noisy garage doors, replace broken springs, torsion springs, remote control gate openers, extension springs, garage door motors and even repair dents and dings.

We sell


Sydney Garage Doors Remotes

Visit our showroom, or you can purchase remotes from our eBay page.

Garage Door Remotes ebay


Sydney Garage Doors  New door

Are you building a new house? please come down to our showroom and see the many designs, colors and materials we can make your new garage door out of to suit all types of houses,  heritage, modern or classic cottages.

If you have an interesting design you think would suit your house come and have a chat with us , we have many manufactures local that can turn your dream into a reality . 



FAAC Australia Gem Garage Doors
Gliderol Gem Garage Doors
Dominator Gem Garage Door
Merlin Gem Garage Doors
ATA Gem Garage Doors
Elsema Gem Garage Door

We use quality motors from above brands.

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